Mushrooms offer language solution to parents

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 12 March , 2012

A call to explore whether vitamin D supplements in pregnancy could reduce the risk of language problems for children has encouraged the Australian mushroom growers to accelerate the national release of vitamin D mushrooms.

One serve of vitamin D mushrooms, provide the daily levels of vitamin D essential for health, and could provide a simple natural solution to pregnant women low in vitamin D.

Research from Perth’s Telethon Institute for Child Health Research has revealed pregnant women lacking vitamin D are twice as likely to have children with language difficulties. Published in the latest edition of the international journal Pediatrics, the research is the largest study of its kind to link a mother’s vitamin D levels and the effect on her child’s speech and behavioural development. The findings have been described as significant by lead author Professor Andrew Whitehouse who said the next step was to discover whether vitamin D supplements taken during pregnancy could resolve the problem.

According to the Australian Mushroom Growers Association vitamin D mushrooms, which are already available in Sydney, should be available Australia-wide over the next few months.

The new mushroom would be the most natural vitamin D supplement a pregnant woman could take –with  just three vitamin D mushrooms a day required to meet daily requirements.

Millions of Australians are believed to have inadequate levels of vitamin D, a problem exacerbated by the increased use of sunscreen which blocks the sun’s rays, nature’s natural source of vitamin D. Health issues caused by insufficient levels include high blood pressure and increased risk of breast, kidney and prostate cancer and rickets.

Mushrooms, along with the human body, are unique in their ability to convert the sun’s rays into vitamin D. Growers are now mimicking nature and exposing mushrooms to
a short burst of ultraviolet light to generate vitamin D.

White Prince Mushrooms were the first growers in Australia to use the technology, with the mushrooms available in selected supermarkets and fruit shops throughout Sydney.

In Sydney, the vitamin D mushrooms, can be identified in retail outlets by a distinctive sunny yellow tick on the box. A full list of retailers can be found HERE.


Vitamin D and weight loss

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 15 February , 2012

Maintaining an appropriate weight is something that we all know is important, but is sometimes rather easier said than done. A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that followed the diet enriched with vitamin D may just help us to achieve better weight loss.

The two-year study, involving more than 300 people who were considered overweight, found that participants who consumed the most nutrient enriched foods lost more weight. While it was previously known that overweight people have lower levels of serum vitamin D, the study showed that serum vitamin D actually increased among those people who lost weight.

While people are able to receive vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, the fact is that most people in Australia now work and live indoors, leading to overall lower vitamin D levels. As this study shows, research is showing that vitamin D plays a number of important roles in a balanced, healthy diet.

Vitamin D mushrooms are the most deliciously easy way to maintain your vitamin D levels and enjoy the health benefits of this important vitamin.


Sunlight could help prevent food allergies

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 10 February , 2012

Did you know increased exposure to sunlight could help ward off food allergies? A study of 7,600 children found those living in southern Australia were more likely to develop eczema and food allergies than those living further north.

Professor Katie Allen from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute said the results support the theory that sunlight, or more specifically vitamin D, may be linked to food allergies and eczema. Should it be proven, the solution is relatively simple. Vitamin D is found not only in sunlight but in certain foods such as mushrooms, eggs and fish. Another great reason to get out and grab some vitamin D mushrooms.



Vitamin D deficiency a growing problem

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 9 February , 2012

Media reports suggest that there has been an alarming rise in the number of British children suffering from a deficiency in vitamin D. In fact one study suggests one in four toddlers could be affected! Disturbingly, two children have died from being vitamin D deficient and a further 30 infant deaths are being investigated.

Paediatricians report an increased number of childhood rickets and blame the disease, which causes bone to soften, on low levels of vitamin D. They also claim many other children suffer from muscle weakness, delay in walking and bone pains. Just as worrying was the suggestion in the article that nearly 75 per cent of parents and more than half of UK health professionals are unaware of the recommended dose of vitamin D.

To see the problem for yourself, check out the video report of the problem in the UK.

So, could vitamin D deficiency be a growing problem here in Australia? Two large case studies examining the problem of rickets in Australia found almost all children had ethno-cultural risk factors, including dark skin and clothing coverage.

While sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D, eating vitamin D mushrooms could be another simple (and delicious) solution to help boost the health of all Australians.


Register now for FREE vitamin D seminar

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 3 November , 2011

If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, don’t miss out on a very important FREE seminar on vitamin D and its role in health. International vitamin D crusader Dr Michael Holick from the United States will join Australian experts at the University of Sydney’s Footbridge Theatre on Wednesday 9 November and at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus on Thursday 10 November.

To register for the Sydney event email Anna at and for the Melbourne meet register HERE  or email or phone 03 9244 6278.

For more information on these seminars please click HERE for Sydney or HERE for Melbourne.


World expert warns Australians of vitamin D deficiency

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 3 November , 2011

Dr Michael Holick, from the United States, is about to land in Australia to crusade for sensible sun exposure and vitamin D. He’s a world expert in his field, spending the past 30 years looking at vitamin D, the sun and human health.

Despite living a country bathed with sunlight, one in three Australian office workers suffer from low vitamin D levels during summer! According to Dr Holick, people deficient in vitamin D face serious health problems in the future. On his list of recommended foods, he includes vitamin D mushrooms.


Are you getting enough vitamin D

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 25 October , 2011

In early October, ABC Radio interviewed Professor Rebecca Mason on the importance of vitamin D in the diet. It was an interesting interview that provides a great summary of why the body needs vitamin D; the problems caused by deficiency; and current research in this area.

As one of Australia’s leading experts in this area, Rebecca Mason is a specialist in Vitamin D and her research focuses on the way Vitamin D affects bone and skin in particular.

If you would like to hear first hand from someone who know about vitamin D, and can explain the issues in easy to understand language, then take a few minutes to listen to the audio of the ABC interview. (Please note that the interview starts with some classical music - it was aired on ABC Classic FM after all - before the discussion starts.)


D Mushrooms now available in Australia

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 25 October , 2011

It has been coming for some time now, but the good news is that vitamin D mushrooms are now available in Australia. If you would like to know where to pick up some a list of the stores is available HERE. As vitamin D mushrooms become more available this list will be updated, so keep your eyes out when next you go shopping for mushrooms.


Vitamin D deficiency linked to MS

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 26 September , 2011

The largest ever gene study of multiple sclerosis has identified vitamin D deficiency as an important environmental factor in its development.

The crippling, but baffling disease, of the nervous system affects around one person in every thousand. Previous Australian research has suggested a link between Vitamin D deficiency and an increased risk of MS.

While the study found MS is primarily a disorder of the immune system, the identification of two genes involved in vitamin D metabolism also added to the evidence that vitamin D deficiency, due to lack of sunlight exposure, is a risk factor.

Researchers are pushing for a study giving vitamin D supplements to people at the first possible signs of MS.


Welcome to the vitamin D Mushrooms blog

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 15 August , 2011

Welcome to the vitamin D Mushrooms blog. With researchers continually expanding what we know about the potential health benefits of vitamin D, we will continually update the information in order to add to the discussion.

Of course, it is not a discussion without your input, so please feel free to comment, tell your friends or link to any information provided.