Mushrooms offer language solution to parents

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 12 March , 2012

A call to explore whether vitamin D supplements in pregnancy could reduce the risk of language problems for children has encouraged the Australian mushroom growers to accelerate the national release of vitamin D mushrooms.

One serve of vitamin D mushrooms, provide the daily levels of vitamin D essential for health, and could provide a simple natural solution to pregnant women low in vitamin D.

Research from Perth’s Telethon Institute for Child Health Research has revealed pregnant women lacking vitamin D are twice as likely to have children with language difficulties. Published in the latest edition of the international journal Pediatrics, the research is the largest study of its kind to link a mother’s vitamin D levels and the effect on her child’s speech and behavioural development. The findings have been described as significant by lead author Professor Andrew Whitehouse who said the next step was to discover whether vitamin D supplements taken during pregnancy could resolve the problem.

According to the Australian Mushroom Growers Association vitamin D mushrooms, which are already available in Sydney, should be available Australia-wide over the next few months.

The new mushroom would be the most natural vitamin D supplement a pregnant woman could take –with  just three vitamin D mushrooms a day required to meet daily requirements.

Millions of Australians are believed to have inadequate levels of vitamin D, a problem exacerbated by the increased use of sunscreen which blocks the sun’s rays, nature’s natural source of vitamin D. Health issues caused by insufficient levels include high blood pressure and increased risk of breast, kidney and prostate cancer and rickets.

Mushrooms, along with the human body, are unique in their ability to convert the sun’s rays into vitamin D. Growers are now mimicking nature and exposing mushrooms to
a short burst of ultraviolet light to generate vitamin D.

White Prince Mushrooms were the first growers in Australia to use the technology, with the mushrooms available in selected supermarkets and fruit shops throughout Sydney.

In Sydney, the vitamin D mushrooms, can be identified in retail outlets by a distinctive sunny yellow tick on the box. A full list of retailers can be found HERE.

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